Monthly Archive for April, 2007


The forum is also up and can be found at Ask all your Celestial Impact related questions (or write whatever you like) there, if you have nothing to ask, download a beta of the game from the Downloads page on this site!
I have also posted some art on the Media page. More art and information about the game and what we currently are doing can be found at our Developer Wiki.

Website launched!

Welcome to the offical website of Celestial Impact. Celestial Impact is a team based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) for PC taking place on various asteroids floating in space. But Celestial Impact is not your average team based multiplayer FPS. Celestial Impact differs from other multiplayer FPS in that the whole landscape is destructible in any direction, each impact on the landscape affecting it differently depending on the weapon used. But it is not limited to destruction; the players will also have the ability to add terrain to the landscape in the middle of combat using a special tool. So as the teams are battling, the landscape receives vast changes opening up for various tactical approaches each team can use.