Celestial Impact 1.00

Celestial Impact has dug its way out of beta stadium and into version 1.00

The full version can as usual be found on our downloads page.

More info about the game can be read at the About page.

If you are having trouble running the game or if you have any general questions/suggestions, stop by our forum and drop a post.

Press Release
The team behind Celestial Impact is proud to present Celestial Impact 1.00
After almost one year of public beta, the game has now reached a complete version.

What is Celestial Impact?

Celestial Impact is a free multiplayer-only game available for PC.

Celestial Impact is a team based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) set in space on an asteroid with spherical gravity. What makes this FPS really special is that the landscape is fully deformable in all directions.
Each player is equipped with, apart from a commonly seen weapon arsenal, a special tool called Dirtgun. With the Dirtgun, players can add or remove terrain during combat as they see fit, simply by aiming and firing the dirtgun. Depending on the chosen action, this will either add or remove a chunk of dirt from the landscape.

Ran in to a wall that is too high to jump over? No problem, just build a slope and walk over the wall, or perhaps dig a tunnel going under it.
Need a breather from intense combat? No sweat, dig a cave and go hide inside.
Since the layout and flow of the landscape in the maps depends on the player’s actions, playing a particular map will be a different experience each time.

Celestial Impact features several game modes such as a classic CTF (Capture The Crystal in this case), a regular deathmatch mode and Crystal Rounds. Crystal Rounds will prompt the players to defend one of their team-members alternatively assault one of the opposing team-members depending on which team currently has the crystal in their possession. Build and dig your way around the landscape in various strategic ways as you seek out and steal the crystal from your opponents.

About the developers

Celestial Impact is a PC game developed in Sweden that started with a few university students having an idea of an unusual and fun game. The idea evolved into a larger project and has now reached a complete version. The team behind Celestial Impact currently consists of only three persons all three living in Stockholm and they have created the game from scratch during their spare-time.

Celestial Impact is currently competing as an entry in Swedish Game Awards 08

4 thoughts on “Celestial Impact 1.00”

  1. I’ve recently played your game (1.00 version).

    Let me start out that I absolutely LOVE the idea of deformable & reformable terrain. I think it is a great game play element that has traditionally been underutilized.

    Having written that, I have some questions regarding the implementation of this game play element in your game.

    1). This game does not appear to have voxels in it. Voxels tend to be much easier to form & deform. Have you thought about switching to a voxel engine & why or why not?

    2). When removing terrain to the point where a section of the asteroid is “free-floating,” what was the decision to keep that section of the asteroid from falling to the main asteroid (or for that matter, floating away into space)? Was it a technical reason, game play reason or both?

    3). The current implementation of adding & removing terrain has great potential for strategic game play. One aspect is to create different TYPES of “terrain” – For instance, solids, liquids & gases. Has this game play element been considered yet? If so, what are your thoughts on developing a more complex “dirtgun” that would incorporate these elements?

    4). While I appreciate multiplayer, what are your current thoughts about creating a single-player variant of this concept?

    Once again, thank you very much for creating this game & I look forward to your responses. Thank you.

  2. We’re glad you like it as much as we do 🙂

    As for your questions, here’s some short answers. If you seek more extensive answers, create a post in our forum with the questions.

    1: We do use voxels but we have tweaked them quite abit so they might not be recognizeable as the same kind of voxels you are used to see. The reason for this was because it was easier to create a robust engine.

    2: Originally we were thinking of making the terrain more physically correct, but since we are such a small dev team we simply didn’t have enough time to implement that.

    3: We have discussed loosely on things very similar to what you propose and it sure sounds interesting. This would require alot of changes in the engine though, so I don’t think we’re going to to it anytime soon. Perhaps it will be something for CI 2.0.

    4: We have thought up parts of a concept for a single-player puzzle game that would fit really well with this kind of deformation. We don’t really have any details yet.

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