Celestial Impact is a free multiplayer-only game available for PC.

Celestial Impact is a team based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) taking place on various asteroids floating in space. But Celestial Impact is not your average team based multiplayer FPS. What makes this FPS really special is that the landscape is fully deformable in all directions, each impact on the landscape affecting it differently depending on the weapon used. But it is not limited to destruction; the players also have the ability to add terrain to the landscape in the middle of combat using a special tool called Dirtgun. With the Dirtgun, players can add or remove terrain during combat as they see fit, simply by aiming and firing the dirtgun. Depending on the chosen action, this will either add or remove a chunk of dirt from the landscape. So as the teams are battling, the landscape receives vast changes opening up for various tactical approaches each team can use.

The maps of the game


Each landscape (map) is a sphere-like asteroid with gravity pointing towards the center of the asteroid. This means that players can take round trips around the asteroid assaulting the enemy from any direction. Since the landscape is fully destructible, players could even approach from underneath by digging tunnels through the asteroid.

The Crystal

Game modes

Celestial Impact features several game modes such as a classic CTF (Capture The Crystal in this case, CTC), a regular deathmatch mode (DM) and Crystal Rounds (CR). Crystal Rounds will prompt the players to defend one of their team-members alternatively assault one of the opposing team-members depending on which team currently has the crystal in their possession. Build and dig your way around the landscape in various strategic ways as you seek out and steal the crystal from your opponents.

Weapons and tools

Apart from the regular weapon arsenal (a minigun, a shotgun, a grenade launcher and a high-energy precision weapon) each player is always equipped with the Dirtgun. This tool has two modes. The first is the dig-mode. When using dig-mode the Dirtgun removes large chunks of terrain from the landscape in front of the player making it excellent for digging tunnels or breaking barriers. The second mode is the build-mode. When using build-mode the Dirtgun adds terrain in the form of a pre-selected shape in front of the player. The shapes could be a simple cube, a part of a bridge or even a defensive wall. The players are also always equipped with a melee weapon in form of a large portable drill-saw combination.

The Railgun

The Dirtgun


Game mode strategies

Since the attackers can come from any direction the teams will most likely spend a lot of time using the Dirtgun in build-mode to bolster their defence (during CTC) by building some sort of base around the crystal and repairing holes made by the opposing team.

Opposing team guarding the crystal

When playing CR, the team currently having control of the crystal will want to stay close to the player holding the crystal and try to escort him/her away from the attackers, or build a small shelter and hold the area around the crystal carrier.

When playing DM the players will most likely want to use the Dirtgun as a means of transportation, by building bridges between pillars, digging tunnels towards the action on the other side of the wall or fire dirt right underneath their feet boosting them upwards.

Celestial Impact will keep the players engaged in a potentially fast-paced creative team battle where the players can exploit the strong and weak points of their own constructions as they battle for the crystal. No round of the game will be similar to another due to the many amounts of ways the landscape can be deformed. Just don’t forget to shoot some at your opponents too.

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