Celestial Impact Beta 8

A long time has passed since the last new post. We’re not dead, we just haven’t had much to post about up until now. Now, all I need to say is that we have a new Beta available! Celestial Impact Beta 8 is out and can be found on the downloads page.

Some new features in Beta 8 are:
* New renderer, much faster than the previous.
* Linux and FreeBSD dedicated server support
* New game mode forge. Create maps of your own with your friends.
* Melee weapon
* Three new official servers located in the US
* New player model
* Lots of programming and bug fixes

For a full changelog see the forums.

Direct link to Celestial Impact Beta 8:
Ci Beta 8
Warzone.nu (Thanks Zapy!)

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date!

2 thoughts on “Celestial Impact Beta 8”

  1. Great to see all these new changes!
    Going to be fun to try them out.
    Nice to see a nice renderer with faster framerate, something lower-end computers suffered a bit from in the last version.

  2. Wow, this game is way cool, i like the idea of the little planets, it makes you think twice about how the world works, like horizons, that we are on a curved surface. That sort of stuff.

    Absolutely Incredible.

    I think i should publish this at my website.

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