Celestial Impact Beta 9

Celestial Impact Beta 9 is out and can be found on the downloads page.

Not much noticeable changes for this version. Alot of bugfixes and cleaning up has been made. The new game mode feels promising though, it can be really intense at times.

Some new features in Beta 9 are:
* A new map “Yum” with a new set of world materials added
* a new game mode, Capture the Crystal (CTF style)
* Some major bugfixes

Expect to see more upcoming maps with unique world materials in the future.

As usual, see the forum.
for a full changelog

Direct link to Celestial Impact Beta 9:
Ci Beta 9

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date!

Celestial Impact Beta 8

A long time has passed since the last new post. We’re not dead, we just haven’t had much to post about up until now. Now, all I need to say is that we have a new Beta available! Celestial Impact Beta 8 is out and can be found on the downloads page.

Some new features in Beta 8 are:
* New renderer, much faster than the previous.
* Linux and FreeBSD dedicated server support
* New game mode forge. Create maps of your own with your friends.
* Melee weapon
* Three new official servers located in the US
* New player model
* Lots of programming and bug fixes

For a full changelog see the forums.

Direct link to Celestial Impact Beta 8:
Ci Beta 8
Warzone.nu (Thanks Zapy!)

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date!


The Beta has now been up a while and things might seem a bit dead from the developers but I can assure you we aren’t. I would first of all like to thank everyone that has tried the game and reported bugs or suggested changes to us. These are issues we are working on to make a new beta version.

Our servers are still up and will continue to be soo. Unfortunately our servers are located in Europe (Sweden) and people from other places in the world get a very bad ping. You all can create servers that will be found by everyone if you under the create tab uncheck ‘Only LAN Clients’ option and make sure any router you might be behind forward port 14666 to your computer. A more detailed guide about creating server will be available soon. If you can host a permanent server please contact us.

Want something to deform? See you in Celestial Impact!

Celestial Impact Beta 6

Celestial Impact Beta 6 is now out and can be found at our downloads page. Finally you can experience the asteroids for yourselves, destroying and creating terrain as you please while you and your team battles for the crystal.

This is the first open beta of the game so we will be using this version to test the servers stability over longer periods. We will be having at least one public server online at all times but you will also be able to create a server of your own that other players can join.

If you discover anything you think might be a bug or if you want to write suggestions or comments in general, please register at our forum and make a post.

Want something to deform? You’ve certainly come to the right place!