Celestial Impact Beta 7

It is now time for an updated version. Some changes and a few bugfixes. It can be found on the downloads page along with system requirements. Don’t forget to post suggestions, ask questions and report bugs at our forum.

Direct links to Celestial Impact Beta 7:
Ci Beta 7
Warzone.nu (Thanks Zapy)

6 thoughts on “Celestial Impact Beta 7”

  1. I have a problem the forum don’t send me the stupid aktivation link!
    And i can’t login 🙁

    By the way nice game but i can’t find any server to play around on it 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    And i have one question is this the quake 3 engine? yes or?

  2. Make sure that you type your email address correctly when registering. I’ll have our web admin look up and see if there’s any particular problem with registering right now.

    The game has only been out as public beta for a couple of days so there’s not many servers online. We are hosting 3 public servers ourselves but they are located in northern europe so the ping might not be the best. Anyone can start up their own server and it will show up in the public server list, so we’ll just have to hope that some other people are interesting in hosting servers.

    This is not quake3 engine, this engine is written completely from scratch by us.

  3. Hmm im checkt my mail account today and i got no new mail’s. Can you aktivate me without the link? I’m send a mail to the admin (webmaster )at( celestialimpact.com) 😉

    And can sombody post the ip from the server i will play around? xD

    wikell this is also not the quake 3 engine? Umm.. And why got it the same console commands? xD

  4. Simply because we like the standard Q3 has set so we made some things similar to what Q3 had, so people would feel familiar with it, especially the console.

    Regarding the servers, you can either create one of your own or use the public list which holds all online internet servers at the moment. We are hosting 3 servers ourselves but they are located in northern Europe so you might not get the best ping using them.

  5. Helo there im calling you from Earth 🙂

    I am amazed with the graphics in the game.

    I stumbled upon it over Moddb(in case you would like to know from where folks usually hear the news about new development), and i would definitely like to help you with the music and fx.

    I know you have Patrick as a new member, but i hope you are willing to recruit one new fan:)
    You got my e-mail, there is a link to some of my songs.(i suggest listening to syntethic mind first, then the others)

    Hope i hear a respond from you soon! 😀

  6. wikell i can’t see any servers in my server list that is the problem 🙁
    Can you not post the ip’s form the server then i can join over the console (connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx) 🙂

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