The Beta has now been up a while and things might seem a bit dead from the developers but I can assure you we aren’t. I would first of all like to thank everyone that has tried the game and reported bugs or suggested changes to us. These are issues we are working on to make a new beta version.

Our servers are still up and will continue to be soo. Unfortunately our servers are located in Europe (Sweden) and people from other places in the world get a very bad ping. You all can create servers that will be found by everyone if you under the create tab uncheck ‘Only LAN Clients’ option and make sure any router you might be behind forward port 14666 to your computer. A more detailed guide about creating server will be available soon. If you can host a permanent server please contact us.

Want something to deform? See you in Celestial Impact!

2 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Mpas seem a bit clausterphobic if that makes sense. Might make them more playable if the diameter of the maps was larger. Seems like Im always running sownhill or falling. I understand that it was probably a design decision to make it like that but it just doesnt seem to work very wiell on a playabiity standpont. I like the concept though!

  2. Larger maps often means that you never see the enemy, we have tried to balance the size with the intended number of players for the map.

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