15 000 downloads!

Some unofficial counting has made us believe that Celestial Impact now has reached more than 15000 downloads. Thanks everyone!

I would also like to congratulate our team member Daniel Wikell for getting the prestigious title Desenvolvedor. Salute to you!

On the horizon we are currently working on a patch that includes several fixes and some changes you players have given feedback about. Version 1.01 is expected in a few days. Keep posting your opinions about the game in our forum. Currently we want to know your suggestions for secondary fire modes for the weapons. Of course any ideas you have are of interest.

Don’t stop deforming!


The Beta has now been up a while and things might seem a bit dead from the developers but I can assure you we aren’t. I would first of all like to thank everyone that has tried the game and reported bugs or suggested changes to us. These are issues we are working on to make a new beta version.

Our servers are still up and will continue to be soo. Unfortunately our servers are located in Europe (Sweden) and people from other places in the world get a very bad ping. You all can create servers that will be found by everyone if you under the create tab uncheck ‘Only LAN Clients’ option and make sure any router you might be behind forward port 14666 to your computer. A more detailed guide about creating server will be available soon. If you can host a permanent server please contact us.

Want something to deform? See you in Celestial Impact!

And now we wait…

After a crunch week we have finally completed the submission for SGA. This include a demo of the game (internally “Beta 5”), a promotional video and a short user’s manual. We in the team are really proud of the demo, the game really improved this week. We would also like to thank those of you that have helped us during the week testing the game, you know who you are, thank you!

If you are interested in playing we are sorry to say that we will not release the game or beta of it until after the SGA final (June 2). More information about a release will come. In the meantime we have a little something for you, I have uploaded a few new screenshots of the game and also some concept art under the Media section. But a picture dosen’t really tell everthing so you can also get the promotional video (encoded with Xvid, about 100MB)!
Celestial Impact Movie Trailer

We are now waiting for June 2 and we promise your wait will not be that much longer… See you on an asteroid in a near future!

Crunch time

The core team (Daniel Carlsson, Henning Tegen and Daniel Wikell) have now gathered at Hennings home for a intense week of work. We will submit our game to Swedish Game Awards (SGA) so lots of stuff needs to be done or polished. You can say that the game is in closed beta now and we are getting closer to a open beta. If you want to try our game, let us know, we might need a few testers the next few days. Also a crowded server with players for recording material to the video that we are going to submit to SGA won’t hurt :).


Sound effects havn’t been the strong side in Celestial Impact, in fact, it hasn’t been there at all. But finally we got some really good work done by our newest teammember: Patrick Aleite! He got some great music and sound effects in the works and this was something we lacked skills and time for so thank you and welcome to the team Patrick.


The forum is also up and can be found at http://forum.celestialimpact.com/. Ask all your Celestial Impact related questions (or write whatever you like) there, if you have nothing to ask, download a beta of the game from the Downloads page on this site!
I have also posted some art on the Media page. More art and information about the game and what we currently are doing can be found at our Developer Wiki.

Website launched!

Welcome to the offical website of Celestial Impact. Celestial Impact is a team based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) for PC taking place on various asteroids floating in space. But Celestial Impact is not your average team based multiplayer FPS. Celestial Impact differs from other multiplayer FPS in that the whole landscape is destructible in any direction, each impact on the landscape affecting it differently depending on the weapon used. But it is not limited to destruction; the players will also have the ability to add terrain to the landscape in the middle of combat using a special tool. So as the teams are battling, the landscape receives vast changes opening up for various tactical approaches each team can use.