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Most Innovative Multiplayer

ModDB anounced that the winner of Most Innovative Multiplayer 2008 is: Celestial Impact!

We would like the thx the jury for this great award.

“Celestial Impact is absolutely ground breaking in my opinion. Running with the flag and propelling yourself into the sky and creating a walkway 100 feet in the air is priceless. So is having the guy chasing you take out the ground below you or encase you in the ground… quality and unique multiplayer action”  –DOLBYdigital 

Back from Vacation

In the last couple of weeks it has not happened much on Celestial Impact due to vacation. But the summer has come to an end and we should push beta 8 out of the door as soon as possible. Key new features in beta 8 will be:
+ New renderer (much faster)
+ Melee weapon
+ Windows Vista support
+ Linux and FreeBSD dedicated server support